The Man from Spokane (stardust_cowboy) wrote in levodopa,
The Man from Spokane

not so vivid

Upon taking a small nap I remembered a scant portion of dreaming. It was at some party type function. Food, drink, ect. The only thing I really remember is that it was close to my first grade home and an old friend of my uncle's, (a sort of hippy type who turned into a Jesus freak) greeted me and pushed a skaen dhue (scottish dagger) into my throat backwards making some sort of shesh ke bab thingie with an apple or some such on it. At first it was rather startling, since although he is about my height 6'4" in this dream he was about a foot taller than me, buff as hell and wore a motorcyle jacket. Fairly strange, especially since I haven't seen or thought about this fellow for many, many years.
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