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Josh Santangelo

Last night's dream.

My dreams are generally all the same, when I even remember them. Not last night's, though.
actual dream possible interpretation

The first thing I remember is being at some kind of compound out in the desert, talking to Clarke of Lux, who is one of my clients right now. We're doing some kind of paperwork for a bit, and I go to get back into my Impala and drive off. I get into the passenger seat automatically, say to myself "What the fuck am I doing?" and get into the driver's side.

(I once drove a rented car all over the deserts of Reno, where a girl I was dating lived. I'm kind of trying to date a different girl who is from Reno. An Impala is the car I rented and drove around Yellowstone in to visit Sherah, yet another girl that I dated that was working there. I don't drive much, which explains getting into the wrong side. And I do actually have some paperwork to handle for Lux.)

Next thing I know I'm in a different car entirely, and my friend Tyler is driving it. He apparently just got the car, and thinks it's great but is complaining about the weird sounds it's making. He shows it off by driving off-road and into some kind of savanna, where we are promptly met by a herd of giraffe. I remember screaming "Ooh look at the baby giraffe!"

(None of this makes any sense, except that Tyler is obsessed with complaining about cars. The baby giraffe could have something to do with the kitten I'm getting tomorrow.)

Then we're on stilts -- really tall ones like you see people on at fairs and carnivals and things. I'm on them with Tyler on my back. Tyler is supposed to be directing me or something, but is either too panicked or passed out to do so, so I take over and book it to wherever our destination is. Meanwhile, lions jump up and nip at us, close enough to feel their teeth but we don't get bit.

(I'm guessing this has to do with all the projects I've got going now, and the fear that if everything hits at once, it's going to kick my ass.)

I end up at some kind of bazaar. Tyler and the stilts are gone, and it's just me and a set of keys, including the one to the Impala. I need to return them (it's a rental after all), but I can't get the key off my key ring. That's when I bump into Claire Danes. She has purple hair.

(Claire has shown up in at least one of my dreams before. That time she also helped me "fix" a key or something.)

When we find each other, we're very huggy and intimate, like we've known each other forever but that it's somehow sad to see each other. She mentions our relationship, referring to it in the past tense, but implying that it happens in the future. She offers to take care of the key for me.

(So this is Claire Danes, coming back from some future reality where we get together. Okay, sure. I'm guessing she represents some idealized girl that I haven't met yet.)

In the midst of a long hug with Claire, Sherah shows up in a yellow dress. I tell Claire "Hold on, I should talk to someone," and chat it up with Sherah, excited to see her return from Yellowstone. She's all worked up and tells me that she has to go in for some kind of brain scan to check out her sanity. During the story she sits next to Claire. That's when this random guy comes out of nowhere.

(Not sure what the yellow dress is about. The scanning thing is weird too. I mean she's a little nutty, but not that crazy.)

As she continues the story, Random Guy bonks Sherah on the back of the head, knocking her out. I get all "Who the fuck are you?" on him, and he explains that he's from the hospital, come to take her away for her brain scan. That's about when I wake up. The story continues somehow, though. As the remainder of the dream swirled down the drain in my brain, it seemed that I would be figuring out who the random dude was, tracking down this supposed doctor, her parents, etc, to see if the whole brain scan story was legit. I wasn't going to just let her get carried off on so flimsy a story.

(I'm going to choose to believe that all this means is that she'll be in my life for a while yet, which is just fine.)

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