baroof (baroof) wrote in levodopa,

the whore house and the retard

[it should be noted that I'm perfectly aware "retard" is rather un-PC... but I liked the sound of it joined with "whore house", ok?]

this was a couple nights ago. I'll try to reconstruct.

I was walking along some deserted country road with some friends, when we came upon this house. I recognized it for a whore house (of the classy variety), and sent my friends on ahead while I went to check it out. I was let inside and saw before me a variety of beautiful women, of different races, styles, and body types, all in lingerie. it was hot! I picked one and was told I would need to wait a few minutes. I sat down and had some amusing conversations with the girls while I waited.

Various other customers came and went during this time, until finally a very large, late twenties down syndrome male entered. he was rather large and doughy, and had the stereo-typical shit-eating grin plastered on his face. he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, and his head was shaved like mine. [I think this might have been some sub-concious representation of myself a year or two ago, as I used to wear the white t and jeans combo a helluva lot.] DS-guy was very very popular with the ladies, though I don't think I ever caught why (may have just been the natural motherly instinct). I think he actually ended up going to the back with the girl I had picked out (a slender, creamy black woman). hours later, I realized how long I'd been kept waiting, and felt a bit annoyed. I didn't mind terribly much, though, as I'd had such wonderful conversations with the other customers and the ladies during that time. I think there was even some BBQing involved.
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